About Dilli Delli

This blog came from a cuppa with a couple of awesome woman.  It was a work meeting and we chatted mostly about the importance of connections in the community.   Bringing people, families, parents together and the innovative ways to keep in contact, the importance of supporting others and building on relationships.

At the end of our cuppa together I chatted about my future, my where to now…I was currently working in a casual position after working in a few different roles for the last 2 years.  Previous to that I had worked in one role for over 12 years.  I had been use to a lot of security, a lot of control, a lot of familiarity…now I was heading towards unemployment…and I was freaking out!!

During this conversation, we discussed blogs and how they can be a tool of support and connection.    I felt so inspired by my these woman that I threw out my idea ‘I have always wanted to write a blog!’  Actually, I have always wanted to journal my thoughts and reflections but at that moment blogging sounded like a great idea.  Luckily for me their reaction was super supportive so this is where Dilli Delli started.

Dilli Delli is my opportunity to write stuff down, to learn, to listen, to test, to create and to share.  Dilli Delli is platform for my creativity.  I hope it will also unfold as a place for others to share their reflections on life and most importantly connect.

The Blog name, a friend (lets call her Samantha) suggested Dilli Delli, a play on words she informed me, comes from Dilly Dally! My name is Delys, I get called Delli.  Get it? Yes I get it, sounds like a great place to start…

I currently feel like I am heading towards the unknown and it can feel a bit scary, challenging, exciting and fulfilling.    It’s a changing time ahead… I am closer to 50 than 40.  As people tell me A LOT recently… I am on a journey.  I really hate it when people say that so a friend (lets call her Wise Arse) suggested I call it a road trip.

So please join me on this road trip…join me in reflecting on life.



PS it has just hit me after writing this…what they hell was the interpretation of the naming of Dilli Delli to Samantha?  I am so going to ask her that question… hmmmm!

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