Is it time to remember to say thank you…

“Everyone needs someone to remind them that they matter”

In my previous life, I presented parenting workshops in the Mandurah area.  It was over many years and let me say it was incredibly fulfilling and also incredibly challenging and then fulfilling all over again experience! (See how I sandwiched that comment there lol?)

I am sure I helped many people over the years but nearing the end of that role I think I lost my ability to appreciate my role and how you can make a difference to people lives with little things.

They were often little things that made a difference.   Little things like trying to always go out of my way to listen, care, understand people and where they were at.  Importantly I always thought it was best to share some of myself so people realized they were not alone.

I shared my parenting experiences (downfalls lol) so they knew I was NOT an expert and they would gladly listen to my failings and achievements as a mum.  I have always been an over sharer so sharing is easy for me.  To me, there were NO me and them.  It was US, I was parenting too!  The main ah-ha moment in the workshops is always when the group realized they are NOT the only ones going through, what they are going through.  Parenting can be a tough gig!

When I reflect on it now it was pretty bloody awesome sharing that space actually!  I can easily forget that as I move onto new things!

On the weekend at the little market, I attended with my Dilli Delli creations and a woman came over to check out my stall.

I new I knew her.  I was, I know you, she was, I know you…we went on to figure it out. Parenting workshops! She was one of the mums that had attended my workshops.  Lovely lady. She asked me what I was up to, we chatted about ages of children as that always amazes me how these littlies become biggies.

She then went on to give me a great gift.  I can’t remember the exact words but she basically told me that I had helped her with the parenting of her boys…

I thanked her for her comment.  It wasn’t till I mentioned it to Daz that I started to reflect.  I am pretty good at glossing over my achievements.  So on reflection after all those years and still to be thanked…just such a lovely moment.   Thank you lovely lady 🙂

I then went on to reflect the fact that this woman was happy to share that with me after all that time. I’m not sure we are good at saying thank you or recognising people who have made a difference to you.

We can all get very caught up with the next thing or the negative thing…what do you think?  Is it time you thanked some people?  I am sure there are many I should and I am going to make a real effort to do that.

Go on, do it right know.  Thank people guys, it really makes a big difference.  I’m heading to the phone right now.  Expect my call 🙂


Delys x

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