Doors that are shit (I mean shut) and doors that open!

Catching up with my mate Samantha is like being in a space where all thoughts and ideas are possible. 

For me she is calm, funny, uplifting and encouraging.  Time goes fast and we cover many topics.  When I see her I do an extra smile.  Do you know what i mean but an extra smile?   We talk over lots of topics and chat about important stuff and also chatty stupid shit.  Yesterday I chatted about my recent new ideas, and as always, i instantly felt the stuff we discussed was very doable.  She doesn’t question me with her look or give me that ‘oh yes mmmm kind of quizzing sideways nodding look’…do you know that look?  Yes you know the look!  It’s the look that you get when you aren’t sure whether the person thinks you are a complete idiot or not look?  I am not sure, maybe because I am an open book kind of person I have shared too many of my insecurities or my fickle ideas and its created doubt. Or they believed my self doubt.   Samantha just looks straight at me with  ‘nodding, yep I can see that’ kind of look!  Its bloody awesome Samantha and I am bloody grateful!

Opportunities come in so many different ways don’t they?  It’s the old, one door closes the other opens moment, which is very bloody annoying when you are waiting for the door to open!

I have just started a ‘Start up Smart’ Entrepreneur workshop this week which is provided for FREE by the City of Mandurah.  What a great initiative and I say a huge thanks to the City for this opportunity to basically learn heaps for FREE whilst being supported by awesome, creative, experienced people.  I am confident I will be rattling on about this course in my blog for a while, I apologise now for that but i hope I can share some of what I learn.

What a great chance to explore Dilli Delli and all its possibilities. It is 9 weeks of looking at business plans, budgets and marketing and stuff!  We will be creating a product to sell online which is brilliant.  I am so much better at doing, than reading about doing, so its right up my learning style!  In a fortnight I also get to create with recycled glass (using a kiln omg) jewellery or a homeware.  I am that bloody excited that I keep saying bloody!

Dilli Delli is a platform for me to build a creative life,  so I am guessing that this opportunity is a door right there.

I have things to do this week, fill in a questionnaire about entrepreneur skill strengths something or other  (lol i laughed Dilli Delli entrepeneur pftttt) and business names and ABN.  Then back to the course next Tuesday to listen to the amazing Belle.  Such a room of amazing people, with passions and ideas and no side ways idiot looks.  This is going to be an experience.

To begin my creative life I have painted pots, planted pots, created kokedama’s and of course set up this blog.  The next part of the plan is teaching and creating with others.   Samantha and I discussed today about the chance to reconnect people with their creativity.   She was so correct that with many of us we haven’t connected with our creativity for many years. When I recently did do this, the experience has been  awesome.  I hope to now support people in reconnecting with creating and to produce something they are very happy to display in their space/home.  That is the plan…

I have always been a crafter but now i look at that as a creator and boy that has changed my mind-set.

So heading in that direction, this Saturday I hold my first Mandala painting workshop at my home.  I have 7 ready to go guinea pigs!  shhhhh please don’t tell them they are guinea pigs!  After facilitating parenting workshops I have some experience of training people but over paint, pens, canvas, creativity this certainly is new stuff.  Now this workshop will be to facilitate these peeps through my new-found mindful creativity, the process of painting a mandala.  Again I am that bloody excited!

So my title.  Doors that shit, i mean shut, means i guess, that you can feel like you have been shit, shat on at times.  Things that are often out of your control or even caused by you can feel very unfair and disappointing.  So, as I did, you can go off and sulk.  Sulking is good, for abit!   I then decided to take some time to explore and feel those yukky, shitty feelings.  So instead of running away, looking for someone to rescue me or to jump back into what seems to feel comfortable just so i feel like I AM or that I BELONG I just felt those scarey feelings.  Mind you the unemployment rate in Mandurah has helped me with this exploring time LOL!  So has blogging and creating.

Who knows where it will go and thank god for Daz who goes to work each day to pay the bills.  I know lots of people don’t have that support.  I am very lucky!

As the brilliant Brene Brown says in her book Braving the Wilderness Don’t walk through the world looking for evidence that you don’t belong or that you are not enough, as you will always find it.    Our self worth and our belonging is in our heart.  Don’t negotiate that with others.  If you do, you might fit in with what they want but you no longer belong to yourself.   Wise words Brene.  Wish i had done that 20 years ago!  

Plus as a word of advice find a Samantha…and watch those side glances.  They might not mean anything!!  It might just be you looking for evidence…




  1. Love it Delys! You know, my mum is a Delphus so it was so nice to see a name close to hers pop up.

    Looking forward to supporting you on your journey!



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