Guest Blop – Bestie#2

One of my Dilli Delli wishes for this blog was to give others the opportunity to have a go at blogging.  A platform for others to share their reflections of life.  I am ecstatic that my first guest BLOP is written by a woman I have had the privilege of knowing for 100 million years, well maybe, more like, at least, possibly over 18 years…   She is very special woman, a pleasure to know, a pleasure to spend time with and a legend in our community.  Thanks Bestie #2 , Happy First Guest Blop Day and congrats on being Dilli Delli’s First…  Please enjoy Bestie#2’s reflection on a really important topic.

Hi followers of Dill Delli’s blog – its Bestie #2 here.

So today is a bit big for me – my first ever go at writing a Blop (my word for blog when my brain wasn’t giving me the correct word). This has taken a while to write because I have had lots of different ideas about what to talk about – gratitude, procrastination, decluttering (note: these two things go together really well in my head and life but I can’t quite come to terms with looking at an object and asking it questions: it isn’t gonna tell me what to do with it – I have to decide!), the importance of family, friends, friendship, having dreams and how to turn them into realities … you get the drift – the list of possibilities are endless. I have written this blop over and over again – in my head, on paper, talking it through, me and myself in the car driving to and from work. I always have a giggle that anyone watching me in the car would assume that I am on the phone – hands free of course – but really I am having a full on conversation with myself. I thought that was a bit weird but I reckon lots of people who drive the Kwinana Freeway Carpark do this too!

Husband and Son both said just let it flow (what do they know? They have never written a blop!)  In the end I have taken their advice and its taken me to thinking about kindness, understanding and respect in our current world when Australia is in the grip of having a “debate” about the fate of a group of people who seek equality in marriage. This is personal for me. It has a direct impact on one of the people who I love and adore most in the world. I am saddened that the people we elected in good faith to lead this country have wimped out. Their inability to have a healthy debate and make a decision has meant we are in engaged in a costly and wasteful survey. Their inability to show some much-needed leadership has created a divide in the country that will take time to heal.

A while ago I had a conversation with a friend and colleague. A person that I have respected for many years – she is a No voter – and I respect her right to be, and her right to say why she will vote that way. But it got personal and nasty – that’s what makes me feel sad and ill. It didn’t need to, I made a statement related to my point of view – the reaction was to belittle me, to mock me for my opinion. It left me shattered and hurt. It has changed how I see this person! She could have told me “I believe that we are have a right to express our point of view – freedom of speech and all that, but I disagree”.

What saddens and troubles me is the public debate is nasty, mean and disrespectful! I am heartbroken at some of the things I read, especially from the No side of the debate. I am saddened that for many people this debate has a direct impact on their lives. I have had conversations with people who have left me feeling sad or joyous, I have read debates on social media that have left me feeling physically ill. I have watched media reports that leave me crying – sometimes with happiness and sometimes in anger. I can’t understand why in 2017 we can’t have a mature and non personal debate about this situation, which we should never have been put into. I can’t understand why our elected representatives have been unable to do what they are elected for – lead the country and make decisions. I would have been heart-broken if the federal parliament had voted against marriage equality but I would have come to terms with that – they would at least been doing their job.

I have been told over the years that I can be naive, unrealistic and overly sensitive. Fair call – I can! But what I think and believe is … in a world where you can be anything, be kind.

I add to that, be respectful and understanding.

Love is Love

Bestie #2

One comment

  1. Wow bestie #2 that was well written and from the heart…
    My suggestion is to look at all the kind things people are saying and doing on both sides of this debate and pause to ask ‘how can we get more if this happening?’
    Love your work😎


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