I dropped me ball…

Today I dropped me ball… My Kokedama ball that is.  S H I T!!!

Lesson learnt – don’t try to juggle three balls at once.  I am guessing this lesson I am constantly learning is deeper than my Kokedama travesty don’t u think?

Multitasking just isn’t good for your brain. Now if I had not rushed and I had mind fully moved my balls one by one my ball would now be sitting on a table at CafeONE58 at this time. Because I decided to juggle 3 balls I dropped him and damaged him and now he is heading to my potting bench for a full body transplant.  I now need to make another (which is no hardship in this case might I add) but it has changed my output for the day.

In my previous life I HAD always tended to think that multitasking, rushing and busy ness just HAD to happen and that it meant that I was important and doing and achieving. What I now believe is that is all Bullshit!

I don’t achieve more by rushing around (ie juggling balls) and stressing and worrying. I also bet I don’t bore as many people by telling them I AM SO BUSY!  Coz I feel a bit bored with that comment myself.

I pause more, I appreciate more and question and think more and I am so much happier.  I don’t currently have a name badge or a position and I love that I am not concerned by that.  I am now Delys,  a wife, a mum, a friend, a creator and more…. The pressure is off so no need to juggle.  No need to rush.    I personally don’t care what your business card says or name tag or how many meetings you attend.   I care whether you are a good person and help yourself and others.  I would really appreciate if you didn’t wear your busy-ness as a badge.  Then I know you get it…!!

You know my little succulent will survive, they are a resilient plant… the Kokedama twine ball possibly may not be as useful as it was.  It was made to live with that plant.  So my lesson is to try really hard not to juggle anymore, as when the ball does fall maybe a part of it will never be the same.  That’s probably ok but my concern is I could seriously miss or break something that is really important to me or make more work for myself.  I could easily miss out an opportunity to help myself, my family, a friend or I just achieve less and be less effective.

Wow all this from dropping my Kokedama Ball.

Cheers to you all

Delys x

PS – Can you tell I have been attending a Philosophy workshop?


  1. A great post. It is very deep and there are a lot of messages between the words. I am a huge advocate of slowing down and appreciating one thing at a time. As you say, if you try to do too much you might miss what you were meant to see, or do, or experience. Nice reminder, thanks Dilli Delli.


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