Life is likea cup of tea.

It just hit me… I have been unemployed for 8 weeks, that is 2 months.  I mentioned to a friend that it had been only 3 weeks since i had finished work and that I was surprised that friends kept asking me ‘how are the job offers going?’  After I checked the calendar, it’s 8 weeks!  No wonder people are asking me.  What the hell…what have i done in the last 8 weeks? Failed as a 50’s housewife thank goodness…

Yes I have sent off an application or two.  No luck at the moment.   I am currently between offers or an unemployed bum (joking…), depending on who i am talking to!

I received the thanks but no thank you email this week.  Unfortunately this position required a degree or at least a diploma… mmmm I mused on this for a bit.  No i don’t have a degree.  I probably should have studied but Daz and I were raising 2 boys and helping out my elderly mum for over 15 years.  I was kinda busy!  I don’t want that to sound bitter because so many amazing people study degrees and raise children and care for their mums.  The fact is I just didn’t go to Uni to study. With over 12 years experience working in the community sector i have used every training session and lived experience that i have ever gained to share and care for people and meet them where they were at … but NO i didn’t chose to gain a degree.  Time to let that go i decided…as it’s all getting a bit boring.  I have the choice to study and get a degree but hey i don’t want to.  Enough said.

I am confident there is an awesome job out there for me…until then I will be potting plants and painting mandala’s or other stuff that hits my Dilli brain…and that’s ok.  Just don’t tell Daz as he will get that twitchy eye thing… 🙂

I met with a friend today for coffee, shopping and lunch.  What a perfect day!  She is an old mate…she isn’t old, well she is as old as me so that’s a bit old but I have known this ‘old mate’ for a long time.  We are both not working at the moment and our catch up was awesome.  One thing is she is very real, funny and doesn’t offend easily so lots of teasing and laughing.   We talked about the best bits of not working and agreed on the fact that we should win lotto so we didn’t have to return to work.  My Plan B of course is to win lotto. I really need this on a T-shirt as i want people to know that i am actually working. She did suggest I start a mandala painting business.  Lets think this through… it took me 6 hours to draw one mandala so just guessing that will have to be a very pricey mandala…?

As we sat down i explained that i was struggling with my butt.  My problem is my tight piriformis.  ‘Well lucky you’ she smirked…for some reason i think she was thinking about something else!  She explained that nothing on her body was tight anymore so she was kinda jealous and then asked ‘what the hell is a piriformis?’  Its your butt mate, your butt!

I then explained the sadness of my piriformis.  Are you kidding me…had i just become an old lady discussing sore bits and incontinence. Argh… here i was explaining my butt muscle to my mate…shoot me! Back to Pilates to stretch…if anyone is up to this challenge is my Pilates Guru.  It’s quite a big challenge, but she is a guru, so i have a lot of confidence.  I hope all of you have found the joy of Pilates…?

So let’s get this right, other than blogging I have been busy during my 8 weeks painting and potting plants to sell on my @thedillidelli page.  I have sold some of my creations, to my amazing friends and family.  Thank you guys!  BUT, today was a VERY big day… i actually sold a Glass Ball with a very nice cactus in it to a person, to an outside person, someone who saw it, chose it and purchased it…  I was that bloody excited, I could have kissed her.  But i didn’t as that would have been weird!

I am finishing my week with some volunteering.  Something that I am very passionate about. The benefits for the community in every way is immense and i have volunteered for many years.  I was at an expo at a local retirement village to promote volunteering.  I drove into the complex feeling a bit anxious, i use to visit my mum in her nursing home for many years and it took me back to that memory.  When i opened my car door i immediately felt the bustling energy of the place…I had a fantastic and inspirational day. Chatting and promoting volunteering.  I was happy to hear some clean jokes and some not so clean ones.  I heard a love story from a 90-year-old lady that nearly made me cry.  I heard so many happy stories of their decision of moving into that community saving their lives.  Of friends, inclusion and happiness.  It was a great day as i chose to listen to understand not reply (a recent reminder of this a tip from Bestie#2 really helped me with that choice).

My volunteer day ended with a custard tart with Wise Arse (who actually delivered it to me…what a champ) we shared our gossip…which is mainly about what we have been up to since we last met up.  Wise Arse chose her name, so I am not being mean, its true really as she can be very wise etc.  She did remind me about the importance of choices.  I have the choice to or NOT to be happy, to listen, to be open, to be supportive, to be brave and my new thing is to make changes and be excited. The last one needs to be worked on coz i am not good with change…at all!  Please note – Wise Arse did try to ask me to include her funny story about a vacuum cleaner on this blog but i said…write your own blog or be a guest blogger…so lets hope she will guest blog very soon.

So I am off to make some choices and stretch my piriformis. What about you?

Cheers guys… chat soon..


PS – Job suggestions from Bestie this week was a Skimpy Barmaid…i said to her I thought that skimpy’s need to be skinny and skimpy.  She thought it was a better offer to get more for your money!!


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