What the f**ck… lets go to BALI!

Sulking was coming to an end…mainly because Daz came home with an idea.   As i am currently free as a bird and we haven’t had a holiday for ages, he had a plan!

It had been ‘one of those years’ so Daz had been thinking…  Suddenly he had turned into a man who none of us recognised.   He turned into ‘Spontaneous Daz’!   Now Daz is more of a planner, researcher, discuss it a million times kind of guy.   When ‘Spontaneous Daz’ came home with ‘What the F**k , let’s go to Bali!’ i looked at him and asked ‘who are you and what did you do with my husband?’

Within 24 hrs Daz had booked in leave, a hotel, flights and we were going in a weeks time. As many of you know, Bali is a cheap holiday.   We got an incredibly cheap last-minute deal.  Having been a few times to Bali, as many West Aussies, we were looking forward to the food, sunshine and relaxation.  Daz has plenty of Bintang singlets and we own way to many wooden Buddha heads, so no need to shop.  Our amazing holiday was happening and we were heading to the sun in one weeks time.  I was that bloody excited.

Out came the suitcases and bathers.  Bestie suggested i would need to shave my legs! Thanks for the tip… We then organised B1 & B2. Well this meant me cooking a large Lasagne (coz they are adults) and sticking signs to every door reminding them to lock the door, turn off the heater, feed the animals and collect the eggs (coz they might be adults but they are pretty hopeless!).  Our Spontaneous holiday was happening…

As I said we had had a bit of a shitty year with the loss a friend.   Any death is sad but a mate, our age, well that felt different.  It was sad.  The sadness for him, for his family filled all our thoughts. We were rattled.  As we all know death changes your perspective.   We have been working hard towards thinking differently about life.  Mind you this means people complaining about trivial stuff is so annoying!

A change of perspective…remembering what’s important…is the lesson…

Our holiday in Bali was awesome.  Peace, Love and Mojitos…the sun, relaxation, food and massages.  Daz tried out every massage on the list, including the full pretzel, as he calls it. I will leave that to your imagination!

Our hotel TS Suites…was amazing, our room (far to flash for us) had a bathtub smack bang in the middle and a glass door to the toilet and shower.  Kind of unnerving when it came to having a poo I might add!  You could watch TV from the bath, shower and toilet…very fancy.  I still don’t know why that was necessary but hey we made do!

So many yummy meals, so many amazing restaurants…(please just ask and i will send you the to do list of restaurants) our friends back home were sooo sick of the Facebook food porn.  We did find a great little place just across the road.  A nice restaurant/bar with great food and a cheap glass of drinkable wine.  #Winning.  On our last night we popped across the road to have ‘best beef fillet in the whole of Bali’, a recommendation by a fella at the bar.   We were seated down near a lovely couple.  We chatted away quickly… holidays and Bintang can do that for you.    We found out that they had travelled all the way from Germany to visit Bali…fancy that.  The couple was impressed that they could understand our Aussie accented English so well (interesting) … lots of questions about Australia, Germany and Bali.  Daz was chatting away about our waterways and the seafood we could catch so close to home.  She asked if there were any sharks in the water and in Daz’s normal comment (just for the reaction) said ‘well we do have white pointers but it’s ok, they only eat one or two people a year!’ … She said, quick as a wink ‘well it’s ok, if it’s not you!’ and laughed.  What the heck i thought.  I was shocked at that comment as i heard her say ‘well it’s ok, if it’s a jew!’  OMG!

Our ‘best beef fillet in Bali’ was then delivered so it gave me the time to quickly mention to Daz about the Jew comment.  ‘What!?’ said Daz…i repeated the ladies comment re the sharks and jews to him. ‘OMG, Delys she said YOU not JEW’.  What an idiot am I?

My first thought was, thank goodness…then how embarrassing.  How could I get it so wrong? I had been contemplating how i going to sit there, next to two people who were so openly racist.   Thank goodness Daz set me straight.  I questioned how the heck can i be so stupid to think that just because these two lovely people were from Germany that they would say such a thing? I guess i thought i was a nicer person than that and I was shocked.    We had a lovely evening with these two people what an idiot.  I blame the cheap Sauvignon Blanc or my hearing needs to be tested!

I do have to admit to you, it was a Dilli Delli moment…listening but I can be a bit ditzy.   The shame of it! People I have shared this story with have just laughed, I still shudder.  I learnt a big lesson that night.

So prior to our spontaneous holiday i had decided to get another tattoo…I have 3 other tattoos that i have been collecting.  I really enjoy a good tattoo…I had decided on a small semi colon on my wrist.  You might know of the semi colon mental health awareness idea…anyhoo… it had been something I had wanted for a while.   As we are in Bali why not find a Tattoo Shop .. Daz researched and found the best way to find one was the Facebook – Bali Groupies page (actually if you need any info re Bali head to this page)….we found a great Tattooist around the corner.

Whilst researching Tattooist ‘Spontaneous Daz’ revisited.  That guy!  What a surprise to see you again… so soon!  He decided it was time for another tattoo… and it should be connected to his Viking heritage.  So he booked in a Nordic Seahorse design on the last day and i would get my semi colon at the same time. Thank goodness really because how embarrassing would it have been rocking up to the Tattoo Shop asking for two dots, one with a tick.  Daz saved the day.

Tattoo day was awesome…I love to people watch and I got to hang out in a Tattoo Shop full of Aussies for about 3 hours whilst Daz got his Tat.  I was in heaven.  Can you picture a room of Aussies getting full legs and full sleeves (groaning and crying) whilst my tattoo took 4 mins?  Surprisingly not many others were getting semi colons on that day, or knew what a semi colon was!  I love my new Tat and I love a holiday in Bali…

So many lessons learnt…sulking has gone!





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