Nipple Tassles

Sulk week may have moved into Sulk fortnight…!

Sulking gives you a lot of time…to reflect…on good things and not so good things and then good things again.

Let me share some of my sulking reflection.  I have a great friend I call ‘Bestie’, we catch up most weekends.  She keeps me sane.  She is also always on my side and incredibly loyal.  Ok… I am not saying she would take a bullet for me, but she will defend me to the end.   We share obscure conversations and laugh a lot.     During one of our recent chats she informed me she is not keen on visiting me in prison.  Right now I can’t really recall what the heck we were talking about to get onto that topic AND for the end result for ME to be in prison because I think she is much more dodgy than me!  From that statement I heard the word ‘not keen’ and that’s enough for me.  It’s not a NO.  So she would visit.  Now that is staying power in my book…I hope this is never my outcome or in my future but I admire Bestie for that trait.

Woman relationships… so important?  I have awesome friendships.  Some very long time friendships and some recent friendships and all of them are delightful and I appreciate all your staying power in putting up with me!

The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other and think the other deserves the world…I love that quote goodness knows who said it.   Please tell me if you know…

I have recently had an awesome opportunity to join a group of woman for Art Class – Meraki Art – on a Saturday.  This group of woman really reminded me that I was missing was a tribe connection.  A like-minded group where we can chat, laugh, cry, drink coffee, giggle and of course we also created.   Pretty much all of my favourites.  We met each Saturday and kept the connections via messenger.  This group without really knowing, or maybe you did guys, helped me out of a very sad frumpy grump.  It reignited my creativity and reminded me of the power of a tribe.

Since going to this group I have been on many creative journeys.  Some of my creations are displayed throughout the house.  (Note, that I call them creations rather than art…That might give you a visual picture of these ‘creations’. ) Others have been passed onto B2 son to display in his bedroom.  Jokingly I say to him, as I hand it over, ‘one day you will be happy to have something that your mummy made’… (that might sound a bit weird but I so like to tease him) B2 just gives me that look that B2 is famous for!  He NEVER refuses, well not to my face, or if he does I pretend not to hear!  I am guessing the creations are hidden, gathering dust in his room.  No probs, just coz I created it doesn’t mean I have to like it!!

With budget restraints (yea yea yea unemployment) I am no longer attending the Art Class but I still see them on Facebook and knowing that this great group are still out there creating, caring and supporting fills me with joy.  Thank you ladies you all made a big difference to my life. 🙂

So I encourage you all to revisit your need to connect with a tribe.  Like minded people…that support you, challenge you, encourage you…I suggest you google that stuff…Step out, lean in to something new…Check out some groups, join a club, start an art class, join a Facebook group.   Connections are so important and might just help if you are in a sad frumpy grump 🙂

Nipple Tassles you may ask…this title comes out of one of our Bestie chats. Bestie, as besties should, always supports me with my weird issues…

As we all do, I like to donate my old clothes etc to the local Good Samaritans.  I am sure I am not the only one (I hope) but I am fine with the part of putting the gear into the bags and into the car.   I am not so great on dropping them off.  I then keep them in the boot of my car for months.  It really drives Daz crazy.  Bestie always comes with me for the drop off.  I am not really sure why I don’t like to and put off the drop off…I think it is not wanting to be judged for my bags or something like that.  It is weird, it’s an issue so don’t hold it against me ok!   As I was chatting to Bestie during the drop off she shared with me that she often wondered what the sorting volunteers thought of her bag of Lingerie she recently dropped off…WTF!!!  As she giggled away she shared that in the bag she donated there were some nipple tassles.   Oh my goodness I thought!  Its ok, they were never worn she assured me.  Someone gave them to me as a joke.  Who are you I asked…? After 20 years of friendship I just never know what will come out of my Bestie’s mouth and the stories I will hear.  OMG we laughed and laughed…

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you and acknowledge all the volunteers that make a huge difference in our community!  I believe that you go above and beyond in your roles, above and beyond I say!  As a side note I hope that the Good Sammy’s got a pretty penny for my bestie’s Nipple Tassles (that had never been worn and she was given as a joke) Yea right!

Ok guys, so as Sulk week moved into Sulk fortnight I have learnt that sulking is ok because it can give you some time to reflect.




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