I am blogging

Hi ya

Well here it is, my first blog entry…

How the heck should I start this, what shall I say, how the heck do i do this?  So me being an avid researcher I went straight to Google.   I searched Midlife lifestyle bloggers.  Really was there such a thing, YES, yes there was…   After I researched I was in no way clearer!   So next place to head to for me was Pinterest and to look at pretty pictures.  My go to is always looking at pretty pictures.  So I began collecting pretty pictures about blogs.  I started a new board (to add to the other 50 something boards) and started collecting pretty pictures.  That’s good research practice isn’t it?

Next was chat with friends.  Of course my Bestie said she had my back in anything I do.  I had few conversations about the concerns around haters and putting yourself out there. We chatted about Constance Hall’s blog and the mean people and their mean comments. With my normal amount of pre thought I thought, well why not give it a go and I look it as a journal…onward I go as I am not the deepest of thinkers.

Next stop was a chat with my friend Melanie from Keeping Social.  Another great coffee!  Lots of great ideas were shared.  Melanie actually designed my pretty logo.  Clever woman that one, I only chatted about it for a minute.  I think it went something like – I like what a lotus represents and I like white font!  I’m so thorough that I amaze myself.  I ended up with an awesome logo of a Lotus thanks to Mel.  Then I got distracted.  I was working full time and living and stuff.  I think I wanted to start but I just HAD to get a Laptop.  It seemed that every blogger had a laptop.  May I add I only know three other bloggers personally!  They must have a laptop.  That was enough for me.   So a trip to Good Guys with B2 (20 year old son) and Daz and deal done.  We purchased a nice new laptop.

Then its time to research WordPress…I then got really side tracked with WordPress.  Guys have you checked out WordPress?  Heelp!  So I put the blog on hold…again…

Then it happened…last month I had a change in work hours. Well actually I found out I had no further work hours so it was more than just a change.   SHIT!  It’s abit shitty isn’t it actually – it’s alot shitty?  I found myself unemployed.  Yes it was only a casual position but as time went on I was very hopeful of staying on.  I was disappointed.   I was really, really disappointed.

To lighten my mood my smart arse friend said to me after my news  “ooo you have been sacked, lets go celebrate with cake and coffee”.  No I wasn’t sacked but boy does that sound dramatic and any free cake is good cake I am sure you will agree. So we had two different types of cake as one cake just wasn’t enough…vanilla slice and a orange sesame seed…

So where to now. So many people have asked me that.  I have no friggin idea…I think its time to sulk.  So Sulk Week goes like this…  Sleeping in.  Coffee.  Facebook, Netflix and cuddling on the lounge with the dogs.  Wait…there is more…I have cleaned sections of my house.  Only sections as I didn’t want to hit life too hard.  Cooked dinner, Daz was happy with that.  I have been abit sad, cranky and rejected.   Disappointed yes but at least i am moving in a forward motion.

My plan for week 2 is check out Seek and blog BUT as i mentioned this is Sulk Week so i am sulking!




  1. What a coincidence as I had a casual job and was recently told that they are scrapping the department I am in and all 10 of us that were hired a year ago now don’t have a job. So I feel for ya. On an up note, I am a blogger too and I love it so I say go for it gal 😉


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